How to Show Your Association’s Value to Members

Picture your members when they receive your association’s renewal card in the mail or get the email asking them to send in their dues.

What are they thinking?

Is it “Sure thing, I know this is one investment that’s paying off,” or is it, “Oh, why am I paying for this again?” Do they stare at the screen or card, tap their finger on the desk and try to decide in that single moment if giving your association some more of their hard earned money is worthwhile. Or maybe they don’t even deliberate and just delete the email in hopes that you won’t ask for dues again.

The question every association asks is how do they make their members excited to sign up.

You want your association’s value to be obvious to members so that they jump at the chance to renew, but that doesn’t always happen. They forget, or don’t engage enough with the association to see the value in paying dues for yet another year. That’s the problem with relying on messaging based on just your instincts, you want it to work but the returns are not ideal.

Now picture prospective members seeing your marketing or advertising for the first time. Maybe they found their way onto your website and are looking it over.

What will their thoughts be?

Will they know the value of ‘Educational Programs’ or ‘Great Training’ immediately? If not, why are you using those words on your site? Are you speaking to them in a way they prefer, making them the hero of their story?

The power of a clearly designed brand messaging framework is that it finds the words and ideas that will appeal to both current and prospective members.

Most marketing is done by the seat of the pants. Sure, you may know a lot about direct mail or websites, but when it comes to the messaging, the words you put down on the page, it’s left up to your gut.

Knowing how to communicate is important, but knowing what to communicate, and knowing that it will resonate with members, is even more important.

Without a clear understanding of what to say, associations are more likely to talk about the association itself, which will turn off your members. You can make all the brochures and emails that you want, but if you don’t connect your association’s history and services to direct member benefits, there’s no point in communicating. Members won’t really engage unless you talk to and about them and their problems.

Creating a framework isn’t difficult. You just need to know who your member is, what they want, what’s stopping them from getting that, and how your solution will lead to a better outcome. There’s a few extra steps that will help you communicate more effectively, but that’s the general idea. This brand framework is almost exclusively focused on them, not you, which makes it exceptionally powerful.

Our brand messaging frameworks take the essence of your member’s story and distill it into an easy to understand formula. You can use this framework to develop all your marketing and messaging, no matter the medium, and always be confident that you are speaking to the member’s best interest.

If you want to know more about our revolutionary messaging system, contact us for a free consultation today.